The intention of the current Executive community association members is to close the rink and program delivery until volunteers are found to assist with their offering: Rink Supervisor, Rink Maintenance, Soccer Coordinator, Basketball Coordinator


For any families who wish to play soccer or basketball:

– You will have to go outside the community to register.
– There will not be a guarantee that your child will have a team to play on or may not be able to play on teams with their friends.
– There may be increased cost.

For anyone who uses the skating rink in the park:

– There will be no ice put in this fall.
– You will have to travel to other communities or city facilities to use their rinks.
– The community risks losing their grant that provides for items such as rink lighting, replacement of boards, maintenance of snow removal equipment, etc.


There are some long-time Executive members who would like to step down from their roles or share/mentor others interested in taking their places. Therefore, if there is a position you would be willing to fill that is not listed as vacant, please let us know.

Information regarding all Executive positions is available here. The Executive meets one evening per month, usually for around 1.5 hours. Childcare is provided.

For more information, email

Update as of 22-Aug-2017: a volunteer has come forward for the Basketball Coordinator position.