Community Garden meeting March 25

A community garden is being proposed for Brevoort Park at the north end of Brevoort Park South, just off Early Drive. An information meeting is being held to express concerns and support for this initiative. If the city receives community interest for this garden, it will be tilled for gardeners this spring. The information meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 7-8:30 p.m. in the Walter Murray Collegiate cafeteria (1905 Preston Ave.)

Here is information about the community garden proposal that has been submitted for Brevoort Park and what to expect at the meeting:
– An application has been made for a community garden by two members of Brevoort Park.
– The City of Saskatoon (COS) has no position on the application.
– The application has been moved forward by city administration as per the policy.
– In order for a public meeting to be held, the COS must come up with a location that would work based on a number of factors.
– There will be a presentation by city administration, CHEP and the proponents of the garden.
– There will be a Q&A period.
– At the end of the presentation, you can fill out a questionnaire to indicate your support/opposition.
– Administration takes away all the information and decides whether or not the garden will proceed to the next step.
– If the public meeting demonstrates good support for the garden, the process continues. If the public meeting demonstrates there is a lot of opposition to the change in program then the administration in consultation with the group reassesses the location and possibility of the garden.

You are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting – this is your opportunity to voice your opinion, concerns, support, etc. To see a copy of the flyer delivered to Brevoort Park residents (includes a map of the proposed location), click on this link (will open a PDF file): GardenMeeting_andLocation