Notification for cancellation of programs – update 14Sept2017

In August, the Community Association announced cancellation of the rink and the delivery of soccer and basketball programs unless volunteers were found to assist with their offering.

Since then, a Basketball Coordinator volunteer has come forward.
No Soccer Coordinator was available in time for fall soccer but one may be interested for the spring season.

For the rink, a volunteer has come forward for Rink Supervision but in order for a community rink to be installed and maintained this year, we still require a Rink Maintenance Coordinator. In Brevoort Park we are fortunate to have a great group of volunteers who are willing to help with maintaining the ice surface and equipment; all we need now is a person to act as the liaison with the Executive Committee. This position coordinates the volunteers and attends monthly Executive Committee meetings to report on activities and budget expenditures.

If you would like to volunteer for the Rink Maintenance Coordinator position or would like more information, please contact or any community member listed on the website:


There are some long-time Executive members who would like to step down from their roles or share/mentor others interested in taking their places. Therefore, if there is a position you would be willing to fill that is not listed as vacant, please let us know.

Information regarding all Executive positions is available here. The Executive meets one evening per month, usually for around 1.5 hours. Childcare is provided.

For more information, email